Chicago Allergy Testing

Clarity Allergy Center provides comprehensive allergy skin testing for food, environmental, insect, penicillin, cat allergies, dog allergies, and chemical allergies.

What is an allergy test?

Specializing in adult and childhood allergic disorders, Dr. Rotskoff helps patients who have continued to suffer from persistent allergy symptoms. There are two common tests that are used to determine your specific allergy triggers – the skin prick test and the patch test. Dr. Rotskoff’s diverse training and clinical experience allows him to combine the knowledge of an allergist, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor), and sleep specialist for expert diagnosis and treatment.

The skin prick test

skin prick test
is an efficient and quick allergy test. When you visit the office for a skin prick test, your skin will be exposed to a sample of common allergens. The allergens will remain on your forearm for about 20 minutes.

Dr. Rotskoff will examine your arm and assess the degree of reaction to each allergen and recommend appropriate allergy treatment.

The skin prick test can be used to assess the following:

The patch test

patch test
is used to identify the allergens that cause chronic rashes such as contact dermatitis and chronic eczema. Small amounts of environmental chemicals are placed on patches that are adhered to your back for 48 hours.

Allergy treatment

Depending on your allergy triggers, there are a number of treatments for allergies. Allergy shots, cluster immunotherapy, and allergy drops are the most common forms of treatment for environmental allergies and pet allergies. If you have a chronic skin condition caused by allergies, a customized avoidance plan will be designed to minimize exposure to the allergic substances.