Allergy Information Videos by Chicago Allergist, Dr. Brian Rotskoff

USA Today News Interview: Climate change linked to more pollen, allergies, asthma

USA TODAY is reporting from Chicago, which recently ranked as the sixth worst U.S. city for ragweed sensitivity, to explore places where climate change has already affected people that are suffering from pollen allergies and asthma

WGN Chicago Interview - When to see an Allergist

Dr. Brian Rotskoff of Clarity Allergy Center in Chicago shares Peak Pollen tips and 'when to see an Allergist" with hosts of WGN Chicago. Learn why over the counter medications may not help during a #pollenvortex 2015

KMOX Radio Interview - Allergy Symptoms & Tips from Dr. Brian Rotskoff

Are you suffering from allergies and were not affected in the past, pollen vortex 2016? Is it the hygiene hypothesis, rising carbon dioxide levels, climate change and higher pollen counts? Specialist in asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, sleep apnea & chronic sinusitis.

Sinus Headaches Allergy, asthma, and immunology expert

Dr. Brian Rotskoff brings relief to Chicago area headache sufferers. Take control of your sinus headaches, seasonal allergies, and environmental allergies by contacting Clarity Allergy Center today. Dr. Rotskoff specializes in pediatric allergies and adult breathing disorders including sleep apnea, chronic cough, migraine headaches, and food allergies. Offices located in Chicago, IL and Arlington Heights, IL.

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Brian Rotskoff Sleep apnea relief is here. Dr. Brian Rotskoff of Chicago specializes in obstructive sleep apnea in adults, as well as pediatric sleep apnea. Sleep apnea symptoms include snoring, choking, and gasping during sleep, as well as daytime issues with mood and memory, and work and school performance. Dr. Rotskoff is a recovered sleep apnea sufferer himself and will help you find realistic and effective ways to overcome your sleep apnea. A good night’s rest for you and your partner are just around the corner.

Allergy Drops For Kids

Say goodbye to allergy shots and hello to Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) allergy drops by Clarity Allergy Center. Chicago allergy, asthma, and immunology expert, Dr. Brian Rotskoff has a new, kid-friendly way to treat environmental allergies and pet allergies. The same custom formulas used in allergy shots are now available in convenient, pain-free drops taken at home each day. Allergy drops can provide a permanent allergy “cure” in just 3-5 years of regular use.

Allergy, Asthma, Chronic Cough, & Immunology Specialists

Dr. Brian Rotskoff, leading Chicago-area allergy, asthma, and immunology specialist, treats a full spectrum of adult and pediatric allergic disorders. His expert diagnosis of nasal allergies and asthma, adult sleep apnea, sinus and migraine headaches, chronic cough, and food allergies gives patients allergy relief and helps them breath easier. Pediatric allergies, sleep apnea in children, and pediatric snoring and congestion are among his top specialties. For patients of all ages, immunotherapy (allergy shots) is an effective and easy way to manage seasonal allergies and other allergic conditions. Dr. Rotskoff welcomes you to his allergy and asthma practice in Chicago, IL and Arlington Heights, IL.