Testimonials for Chicago Allergist, Dr. Brian Rotskoff

Nancy D. -Chicago

I was referred to Dr. Rotskoff after unsuccessful treatments by my prior ENT doctors. After years of allergies and sinus infections, I can finally breathe! I would highly recommend Brian Rotskoff to anyone who is looking for a professional and caring allergy doctor.

Linda S. Arlington Heights

I just wanted to thank you for being a special person and a very helpful doctor. You're a doctor who really does care!

John M. -Chicago

I have struggled with asthma my entire life. I am much better now thanks to your help!

Traci B. -Chicago

I've had severe mold allergies and year round allergies for more than a decade. Dr Rostkoff treated my allergies and within weeks I noticed a huge difference.  I can't praise him enough. I haven't tried the sublingual drops but am eager to give them a try. If you have any type of allergy, call Dr. Rostkoff.

Yelana B. -Illinois

Professional yet very humble and helpful. Will definitely return but for now I am feeling 100% better! Thank You for putting my worries at ease!

Jessica W. -Chicago

As a medical professional, I am always on the quest for a quality care experience.  After suffering from several consecutive days of allergic reactions, Dr. Rotskoff was my savior.  He agreed to stay late and see me only two days before Christmas.  He was very thorough and thoughtful in the time he spent with me offering reassurance and an effective action plan. I am thankful that my "mini emergency" led me to a competent and caring doctor who will be my allergist for many years to come.

Diva M. -Chicago

After suffering for years with horrible allergies, I accidentally found Dr. Rotskoff.  I feel so lucky. He knew instantly what  the problem was. I had really lost hope that anyone could do anything for me. But he just seems to have a good instinct of whats going on.    He always takes his time, is very thorough.  I can't say enough good things about him.He's the best, I wish all doctors were like him.

Lauren F. -Chicago

Best allergist around!!! After a disappointing appointment with another allergist I searched my insurance company and picked Dr. Rotskoff solely based on location and I am so glad I did!!!  I agree with the other reviews that say he is friendly and thorough; he even fixed my migraine problem that I didn't know I had! I can't recommend him enough!