Chronic Cough Specialist in Chicago

Persistent cough

Chronic cough is a very common and frustrating problem for millions of people. Many cough sufferers visit doctor after doctor with no results. Most general doctors provide only a cursory review of cough symptoms and, therefore, rarely target treatment at the underlying cause. The reason is simple: coughing is treated as a symptom and the condition of chronic cough is often overlooked.

In reality, there are dozens of explanations for why patients suffer from a persistent cough. The new paradigm in chronic cough treatment acknowledges the complexity and intricacy of persistent coughing. Dr. Rotskoff can stop your cough, but an accurate diagnosis comes first.

Dr. Brian Rotskoff, MD, is one of few chronic cough specialists in the country who understands this paradigm.

Dr. Brian Rotskoff has a 90% success rate in treating chronic cough

Although chronic cough is rarely the result of a serious underlying medical problem, the physical and mental toll can be debilitating. Chronic cough can interfere with sleep, work, school, and relationships.

At Clarity Allergy Center, effective treatment of chronic cough begins with a thorough examination. Dr. Rotskoff understands that most patients experience compounding cough triggers, and that persistent coughing can quickly become a condition of its own, rather than a symptom.

Many sufferers of chronic cough do not fit within the diagnostic categories of common causes of chronic cough. Dr. Rotskoff has spent many years studying chronic cough and working with some of the most challenging patients. His expertise allows him to identify the origins of your cough and layer treatments for lasting relief.

Cough hypersensitivity syndrome and cough reflex

Can't stop coughing 

Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome is used to describe patients with a chronic cough that fail to respond to traditional treatment regimens. However, in patients with a chronic cough, the reflex becomes hypersensitive to normal physiologic events – minor irritants that would not trigger a cough under normal circumstances.

Learn more about cough hypersensitivity.

LSN - Laryngeal sensory neuropathy

Patients who suffer from LSN do not respond to traditional cough treatments, nor are standard regimens for asthma, acid reflux, or post-nasal drip effective on their own may be suffering from #LSN. Dr. Rotskoff can prescribe specialized medication to heal the damaged nerve tissue of the throat and larynx.

If you suffer from chronic cough, call Clarity Cough Center of Chicago for an appointment today. Thorough evaluation of chronic cough symptoms is important to ruling out other more serious medical conditions.