Chronic Throat Clearing

Dr. Brian Rotskoff, Chicago Allergist, helps a great number of patients overcome the irritating and damaging effects of chronic throat clearing. Often elusive in diagnosis, chronic throat clearing can start with something as simple as a sinus infection or a more complex anatomical or neuropathic condition. Most patients report a constant, irritating constant tickle in throat but no associated throat pain.

Left untreated, throat clearing can evolve into a persistent habit that is exacerbated by throat inflammation. Ultimately, patients risk permanently damaging their vocal cords and the nerves of the throat.

Throat clearing may start as a minor habit, but it becomes something that requires treatment to break. Often there's real damage to the throat and vocal cords that must be addressed.

Chronic Throat Clearing Causes

The underlying causes of chronic throat clearing can be very complex and difficult to isolate:

Throat Clearing Treatment and Relief

Dr. Brian Rotskoff can help break your cycle of chronic throat clearing through proper diagnosis and application of the most targeted remedies. Finding the right treatment will allow your throat and vocal cords to heal, reducing nerve sensitivity and eliminating the constant urge to clear your throat.

Because chronic throat clearing can occasionally be associated with a more severe underlying medical disorder, patients should have their throat-clearing and chronic irritation evaluated by a physician.

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