How effective are allergy drops?

The results obtained from allergy drops can be astonishing. Many patients find it hard to believe how well they work. The response depends on the type of allergens being treated. We have broken down the response rates based on the common environmental allergies treated. Not everyone will have such dramatic results, but the majority of patients experience substantial benefits as outlined below. We have included a comments section for those that benefited from allergy drops at our practice.

Cat dander

  • Approximately 75% of people report a significant improvement with cat allergy drops. In those people that do respond, the symptom improvement ranges from 60-90%. A smaller number of people have a more modest treatment response.
    Many patients report a life changing response to their cat allergies and significant improvement can be seen within 2 weeks.
    Allergic reactions to cat allergy drops are very rare and are well tolerated in the overwhelming majority of patients.

Dog dander

  • Approximately 50% of people report a significant improvement with dog allergy drops. In those that do respond, the symptom improvement ranges from 50-80%. Again- many patients have reported a “magical” improvement in their dog allergy symptoms in as soon as 2 weeks. However, the response rate is lower for those receiving allergy drops to dogs vs. those with cat allergies. This likely reflects a somewhat lower potency of dog allergen extracts compared to those for cats. Short of not having any dog exposure, however, there is no other treatment option as convenient as allergy drops that has the potential to be so effective. Systemic allergic reactions are very uncommon.
  • We have started a trial program in which patients can receive a 3-month supply of allergy drops for their pet allergies for only $75. This is a sufficient time period to assess how well the allergy drops are working without taking a significant financial risk.

Tree/Ragweed/Grass pollen

  • The response to pollen allergies can be dramatic with allergy drops. Approximately 75-85% respond significantly to treatment with the drops. The improvement ranges from 60-95% and can occur in as little as 2 weeks. Allergic reactions are still rare, but occur slightly more frequently following administration of allergy drops with pollen allergens. Many patients report an improvement in their seasonal allergies within days of starting treatment. Allergy drops are the fastest and most effective way to dramatically reduce all of the allergy symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

Dust mites

  • The response to dust mite allergies is very good. Approximately 60-80% of patients respond to dust mite allergy drops. The response for each patient ranges from 55-85%. Dust mite allergies can be considered in those people with year-round allergy symptoms. Like pet allergy drops, we offer an introductory trial for $75.


  • Mold allergies can certainly respond to allergy drops. The response rate is more variable for mold allergies then other environmental allergies. This is because the extracts used for mold allergy drops are not as potent as for some of the other allergens. Also, there are many mold allergens and allergen extract manufacturers have difficulty producing the full range of mold extracts.