I am very curious about pet allergy drops. Can you share any additional information?

  • Allergy drops for cats and dogs (even horses!) are a great option. The main caveat for those taking dog allergy drops is that they work in about 50% of patients (vs about 75% for cat allergy drops). But as mentioned above, it can be magical for those that do respond. The improvement can be so impressive that a trial of pet allergy drops should be considered in any pet allergic patient with significant exposure. We have made the trial offer hard to resist so that as many people can have a chance to start this potentially life changing therapy as possible. Pet ownership has skyrocketed in recent years and can be hard to avoid socially. Allergy drops can be a great option for those with short term pet exposure (visiting family or friends with pets). We cannot guarantee that other allergy medications will not be needed. Some patients are sufficiently controlled without additional medications and others become very well controlled with the combination of allergy drops and allergy medications (as opposed to still being poorly controlled on just allergy medications alone). There are 3 response groups we typically see in those taking allergy drops:
    • Great response in which no other medications are needed (45-55% of those taking cat drops; 25% of those taking dog drops.
    • Good response but additional allergy medications may be required to control the allergy symptoms (vs. minimal symptom improvement on allergy medications prior to taking the allergy drops); 20-30% of those taking cat drops; 25% for those taking dog drops
    • Minimal response to allergy drops (25% of taking cat drops; 50% taking dog drops)