Chicago Allergy Drops

Allergy Drops are the new, pain-free way to treat environmental and pet allergies

Allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) use the very same custom antigen formulas as allergy shots, making them a perfect shot-free alternative. Allergy drops provide an ideal allergy treatment option for children and busy adults who need ongoing immunotherapy to manage their allergen triggers and, ultimately, reduce environmental allergy and pet allergy symptoms.

Allergy Drops for kids and adults

Using in-office allergy testing, Dr. Rotskoff will isolate your exact allergen triggers and custom blend your allergy drops formula. Each day at home, you simply place the sweet-tasting allergy drops under your tongue for pain-free, appointment-free allergy treatment.

Over time, you will gradually build tolerance to your allergens, though you will start seeing results in a matter of weeks. Allergy drop treatment usually lasts three to five years and most patients achieve nearly complete desensitization to their allergens.

Why choose Allergy Drops?

  • Child-friendly, pain-free, and sweet-tasting
  • Convenient, at-home dosing
  • No weekly trips to the doctor
  • Preliminary results in just 2-6 weeks
  • Safe for young children
  • Reduces need for oral allergy medication
  • Successfully treats broader range of allergies and may prevent new allergies
  • Alters immune response to allergens for permanent allergy “cure”
  • Improves asthma control and may prevent asthma from developing

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All about allergy drops

Allergy Drops - Food and Drug Administration

Allergy drops use the same FDA-approved allergic extracts given in allergy shots (oral administration pending FDA approval).

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