Chicago Sinus Headache Specialist

Characteristics of a Sinus Headache

Sinus headaches are often cause by sinus infections and:

  • Are almost always associated with discolored (green/yellowish) nasal drainage and/or a productive cough.
  • Are usually consistent from day to day, unlike the migraine headache cycle
  • Only improve after taking an appropriate course of antibiotics; if relief is achieved with Motrin or Advil alone than a sinus infection is unlikely
  • Can trigger a migraine episode

Persistent sinus headaches cause untold suffering among millions of people each year and have a major impact on a person’s overall quality of life. ll told, patients spend billions of dollars each year on medications, doctor visits, and various medical procedures. A landmark study published by a major medical journal in 2004 found that almost 90% of patients with sinus headaches were misdiagnosed.

Natural Headache Remedy

Alternative / Natural Headache Remedies Dr. Rotskoff has implemented safe and effective natural headache remedies that can help the majority of patients suffering from chronic sinus and migraine headaches. Studies in peer-reviewed headache journals have shown that several over-the-counter vitamins and herbs have been proven to be effective in controlling the frequency and severity of chronic sinus and migraine headaches.

Dr. Rotskoff has spent most of his career researching sinus headaches and has trained with some of the top headache researchers in the country. He has developed an integrated holistic approach to treating this common but frustrating problem.

Patients must self-advocate when it comes to chronic conditions. Doctors can only evaluate and treat the symptoms they know about. If you repeatedly suffer from sinus headaches and debilitating sinus pressure and pain, antibiotics may not be the answer and over-the-counter sinus medications will provide temporary relief at best. A sinus specialists like Dr. Rotskoff takes a broader look at your long-term sinus status to find commonalities and underlying issues.

"Sinus infections respond to antibiotics, but chronic sinusitis requires a more careful look at why the passages are inflamed and what can be done to soothe them. With many chronic conditions, effective symptom control requires layered treatment of multiple conditions,"

explains Dr. Rotskoff.

"Doctors must also consider the nuances between chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis; the two are often confused."

Dr. Rotskoff has implemented safe and effective natural headache remedies that can treat up to 90% of patients with chronic sinus headaches. If you have continued to suffer despite failed treatment after failed treatment, a better quality of life may be just around the corner.

Sinus Headache Treatment, Chicago

Clarity Allergy Center provides comprehensive sinus headaches diagnosis and treatment in the Chicago-land area. In addition to serving the Chicago area, Clarity Allergy Center has an office in Arlington

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