What is the schedule for starting allergy drops?

  • Patients will have an allergy consultation and allergy skin testing at the initial visit. Based on those results, we will make a customized allergy vaccine in our in-house lab. Patients then follow up to receive their first dose of the allergy drops in the office. Although allergic reactions to allergy drops are very rare, it is prudent to administer the first dose in the office. Allergy drops are continued daily for a period of 3-5 years. There are also options for less lengthy treatment protocols depending on a person’s individual circumstances. The magic of allergy drops is that dramatic symptom improvement can occur within days to several weeks. Continued improvement is typically seen over the next several months. Although patients typically experience significant improvement quickly, it takes at least 3 years to have the permanent results associated with immunotherapy. (In other words- those that continue allergy drops for less than the 3 years may lose the benefits after stopping the allergy drops).