Allergy Shots Chicago

Allergy Shots are proven effective in treating chronic nasal allergies, cat allergies, dog allergies, and hay fever.

Allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy)
work by gradually building a person’s tolerance to environmental allergies and pet allergies.

With weekly allergy injections, Dr. Rotskoff can help patients achieve reduced allergy symptoms, significant breathing improvements, and an ultimate “cure” of their allergies.

Chicago Allergy Shots

Allergy Shots and Cluster Immunotherapy

Allergy shots begin with in-office allergy testing to determine the exact causes of your allergy symptoms. For some patients, weekly allergy shots may be preferred or recommended over allergy drops. In-office allergy shot scheduling is efficient and designed to accommodate your busy schedules.

Allergy shots are very effective in reducing the long-term effects of seasonal allergies, hay fever, children's allergies, pet allergies, asthma, and insect allergies.

Cluster Immunotherapy benefits

Cluster immunotherapy (CIT)
is an accelerated allergy shot regimen perfect for busy adults who wish to achieve allergy maintenance and immunity faster. 

Pet allergy relief

An alternative to allergy shots are Allergy Drops. Achieve up to 90% cat allergy relief with sweet tasting drops that you take at home.

Dr. Rotskoff can administer your allergy shots in a series of cluster injections over two 2-hour appointments, one to two times per week until the maintenance dose is reached. Cluster Immunotherapy helps patients achieve allergy immunity up to 3x faster than traditional allergy treatment plans.